With the advancement of technology, almost everything in this world has a virtual counterpart. Communities can exist virtually, and so does markets.
You no longer need to go through long queues for the stuff that you need. You can buy anything online and receive the product right at your doorstep. Because stores are now available online, even the competition has become tough for all kinds of businesses.

That is why as time goes by, online marketing tools has become very helpful to online shops or companies that offer services over World Wide Web. If marketing initially meant those large billboards you see while driving, the television commercials that you’ve memorized, newspaper articles and the leaflets handed to you in a mall; marketing has indeed gone to another level. This is because online marketing tools now include stuff that you usually come on the internet. Most of the usual things that you would see are online advertisements. But apart from that some of the online marketing tools are mobile marketing, search engine optimization, opt-in email interactive online advertisements and sometimes social media marketing.

The real big difference between traditional media marketing tools and online marketing tools is that there is a way for the latter to capture the specific interests of the consumers. This is because of the way that web analytics work. Through web analytics, online activities of a consumer may be monitored making them easy target for advertisements.

The way this world works has changed in many significant ways and so has marketing tools and techniques especially the digital based ones.